Flyover Indies maintains a network of freelancers available for work in fields related to game development. We strive to connect game makers with local freelancers to contract or employ for game development projects.

By signing up to be a Flyover Freelancer, you are agreeing to be contacted by members of our community with potential offers of employment for work on their game projects.

Flyover Indies does not act as an intermediary or agent for any parties. Any contracts or offers of employment are strictly between the game maker and the freelancer.

Flyover Freelancer Benefits

  • Be part of a growing network of Kansas City area freelancers from a variety of industries
  • Connect with area developers and help make rad games
  • Participate in regular networking events with our community to meet game makers and other Flyover Freelancers

Become a Flyover Freelancer

Fill out the form below if you’re interested in becoming a Flyover Freelancer.  To join, you need to work in the Kansas City area and provide a link to your portfolio. Our game developers need to be able to see your handiwork.

It’s okay if you don’t have a public portfolio yet. Take a moment and use a free service like  Twitter, Tumblr, Behance, Github, or Soundcloud to show or link to your work.

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Flyover Freelancers


Cydney Plummer

PortfolioAnimation, Illustration.

Eric Hibbeler

PortfolioIllustration, Animation, Concept Art, 3D.


Joe Hanna

Joe Has Died: Pixel Art, especially Animation.

Matthew Cook

PortfolioCharacter Design, Prop Design, Environment Design, Illustration, 2D animation.

Tim Benitez

Portfolio2D Art, Pixel Art.


Tim Benitez

Portfolio: Game Design, Art Asset Creation.


Cydney Plummer

Portfolio: Video Editing.


Colton Bumstead

CB SoundworksSound Design and Implementation.


Joe Hanna

Glitches Get Stitches: NES era Chiptunes.

Nathan Giesecke

GeesaceMusic/soundtracking. I’d love to try sound effects as well.