Are you a game maker in the Kansas City area? Then we want you to join the Flyover Indies! You don’t need to be a member if you’re  only looking to attend our free events. However, by joining you’ll benefit from some exclusive perks.

Be sure to check out our Flyover Freelancers to find people in the area who can help you with your game project or to apply to be a freelancer yourself.

Flyover Indie Benefits

  • Be part of a community of game makers in the Kansas City area
  • Receive updates on events, design and development tips, & news about game development in Kansas City
  • Gain access to our Discord channels to chat gamedev, game hardware, game jams and whatever else
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Become a Flyover Indie

Fill out the form below if you are interested in joining our community of game makers. All you need to  become a Flyover Indie is to be working on games (as a professional or as a hobbyist) in the Kansas City area and a link to your game development work. We want  to see the cool stuff you’re working on.

It’s okay if you don’t have publicly visible games or devlogs yet. Please take a moment to set something up. You can use free websites like Twitter, Tumblr or to show off your work, write a devlog or postmortem, or even sell your completed games.

Do you need to update your information? No problem! Simply fill out the form again with your new info and we’ll get it updated.