Hold up, what happened to Crossroads Game Lab? Are you the same group?

New look, same great group. With some newfound help we are getting bigger and felt that we outgrew the name Crossroads Game Lab.  It means we can continue doing what we’re doing (hosting playtests, game jams and other rad stuff) and we can do bigger and cooler things. We’re hoping to expand and improve our ongoing events and add more resources, game jams and special events to help foster gave development and creativity in KC!

Is it free to become a member of the Flyover Indies?

You bet! Flyover Indies is all about building and serving a new community of game developers in Kansas City. It is our goal to provide resources and host events for the community at no charge whenever possible.

Do your events cost anything to attend?

Okay, not usually.
Our mission is to be easily accessible to the community. We do everything we can to offer our events for free. Occasionally, we may co-host an event with a venue that charges admission. We abide by the rules of our kind hosts and will always note if special considerations/costs apply to an event.

Do I have to be a member to participate in events?

Our events are generally open to the public. Many of our events are geared specifically for gamedevs and may not be of interest to non-developers. However, we also host events such as playtests that are a great time for devs and players alike. If you’re interested in an event, please come and say hey (we love making new friends), or if you have a question, please reach out and let us know!

I want to help! How do I get involved?

We love help! If you’ve got spare blood, sweat, and tears, please fill out this form to let us know what’s up. We also have need of spare equipment. If you want to donate something we’d be so happy to take it off your hands. If you want to sponsor us or donate, that helps us enormously and we’d love you forever. Check out ways to help here!