A Wild Game Jam Appears!


We’re so excited to announce a new, totally crazy game jam! sparKCade is a yearlong challenge to create a game, stick it in a cabinet, and come present it at the showcase we’ll host at the end of the jam.

We’re looking for game developers to really stretch themselves and make something they might not otherwise. That’s why we’ve given an entire year, we know this is a big project (though your game and cabinet can be tiny, if you want)! We encourage you to assemble a team to help share the experience and workload. Plus, we’ve gathered some helpful resources for game development as well as cabinet building.

sparKCade will run from June 20th, 2017 to June 20th, 2018. Submissions are due a couple months before then (March 20th), because we’ll need time to prepare a venue that will accommodate everyone’s cool game cabinets. However, we don’t expect the game and cabinet to be completely finished when you enter, we just need an idea of what you’re working on. If you live outside the Kansas City area and want to participate, that’s awesome! You’ll just have to come visit us for the exhibition and show off your game.

We’ve got a lot more info on our sparKCade site, and we’ll be continually updating it throughout the jam. We can’t wait to see and play what you create! Good luck and have fun!

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